Caleb Tennis OpenStack, a game changer for the cloud?

November 11, 2010 by · 3 Comments 

Openstack LogoWhen the OpenStack framework was announced a few months ago, a lot of opinion was spread regarding its mission and viability.  Until that point, cloud software had, for the most part, been proprietary closed-source options available only as a service.  While open-source options, like Eucalyptus, were already available to provide software to build your own cloud – the OpenStack project was more of a holistic project – initiated by Rackspace – as a community project to rally around build-your-own-cloud.

Initially there seemed to be little fanfare.  While the project was interesting, there were others already who had released code to achieve the same efforts, and OpenStack, when announced, had just preview code to share.

However, in late October the first formal release was announced.  This release included viable code to provide both storage and compute resources.  During this development time, the OpenStack community has grown and taken on a project management and leadership role.  Large names in the IT world signed on as participants, including NASA and Dell.

OpenStack has definitely turned into a visible project, and provides an alternative for other closed source, and expensive, cloud implementations.

Of course, building your own cloud still requires physical infrastructure.  Data Cave has the facilities perfect for colocating your cloud services with 99.995% uptime, super redundant architecture, and knowledgeable facilities staff to keep your equipment up and running 24/7.  If you’re interested in building or providing your own cloud, contact us to learn more.


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