Patrick Gill Pocket Sized Computers And The Future We Got But Didn’t Expect

February 22, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

I think for a lot of us the expectation that once computing got small enough and powerful enough then we’d just take our computers around in pocket sized hardware and plug them into various displays.  While this may still be the case in the unforeseen future, I think we’ve gotten something better in an unexpected way.

A few companies attempted the “take your whole computer with you on your phone” thing (is that a thing?) once processing power became okay in a way that this was sort of possible. But I would assume, having never tried it and it didn’t take off, that it was a completely sub par experience in just about every way. But it seems like looking back that this would have been such a waste anyway.

It seems what we’ve ended up getting and/or developing towards is a connected world where your internet connection is the most critical part of your connection all of your information. We got a world that synced just the most important things to all of your devices. You can take your email with you on your phone and it stays in sync on your desk computer. Your contacts stay in sync. Your calendars. More recently your documents. You don’t have to overcomplicate what your phone or tablet does. You can just let it do the things it does best which for many people is short form communication.

In a metaphor that has been around for quite a while, your phone and/or tablet has become your daily driver while your desktop or notebook computer will remain more of your truck; they have more power to move heavy loads and get a lot of work done efficiently.

I think we’re still figuring out what makes sense to have on your person at all times and what makes sense to keep on your desktop. But as technology advances and devices get even smaller and more powerful, do you think we’ll see another slow shift to a different life with one sole device doing absolutely everything you need?


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