Client Testimonials

At Data Cave, we have the privilege to form lasting partnerships with great clients from a wide range of industries. We are very pleased to work with them and have received feedback (shared below) that makes us quite happy too!

Here is what several of our clients have to say about Data Cave:

100% Uptime:

Bell Techlogix “I do sleep better at night knowing that the people here at Data Cave, who I have a good relationship with, are fully capable of doing the job that they’re doing and Data Cave has been very stable, to the point where we have not had an issue from the day that we moved in here.”

Steven Shannon, CIO
Bell Techlogix 

Bartholomew County Indiana “I would say that you definitely can’t make a better choice than Data Cave in this area. They have been wonderful to work with and have provided 100% uptime to our equipment.”

Jennifer Slabaugh, Systems Administrator
Bartholomew County Indiana 


 Traylor Bros. “From the beginning, the two most important factors that we looked for in a data center were its location, as well as its cost. We looked into a few data centers in Louisville and Indianapolis, but Data Cave was by far the best choice, in terms of its location, cost, and above all, its level of customer service. These factors made Data Cave the best overall value for our company.”

Chad Lamb, Network Administrator
Traylor Bros. 

 IU Health “We chose Data Cave because of the quality factors of construction design: items like reinforced concrete block, and the double wall construction.”

Bryan Bourkland, Senior Systems Engineer
IU Health-Bloomington 

 Bell Techlogix “The Data Cave is a state of the art facility and a great place in Indiana uniquely positioned to handle the high density environment needed for virtualized computing.”

Steven Shannon, CIO
Bell Techlogix 

 City of Columbus “When it came to selecting a data center, we knew at the beginning that we wanted to work with an enterprise-level facility, and not just a lower-level provider with limited availability. With Data Cave we could easily tell that we were getting the best of everything: a world-class facility, a high level of security, and a proven track record.”

Sean O’ Leary, Community IT Executive
City of Columbus 

 Dorel Juvenile USA “After touring the facility, we knew it was state of the art. The people at Data Cave take great pride in following industry best practices, and that is a big deal to us.”

Andy Riddle, IT Manager 
Dorel Juvenile USA 

 Technology Service Corporation “There are many things about Data Cave that are every bit as good or better than our other data center. A few examples are the facility’s level of physical security, their data suite design, and the well-thought out infrastructure they have.”

Reed Adams, Director of Information Technology
Technology Service Corporation 

 Cornerstone Information Systems “Moving our data center to Data Cave was the absolute best decision we could have made. From the impressive building itself down to the more impressive staff, our experience has been nothing short of spectacular.”

Brad Franklin, Director of Information Technology
Cornerstone Information Systems 

 Blue & Co. LLC “After touring the Data Cave facility, several of our management team were quite impressed. During the tour, the facility itself as well as the multiple layers of security really stood out, especially compared to other data centers we had looked at.”

Rick Patrick, IT Manager
Blue & Co., LLC 

 Extendicom “We could tell right away that the Data Cave facility was constructed with security and stability in mind. Everything from the physical layout of the building to the security measures told us right away that it was built intentionally to be a data center, which was definitely different from other providers we had looked into.”

Bob Harris, Manager of Information Systems
Extendicom, Inc. 


Bartholomew County Indiana “The security that’s in this facility as well as the redundancy really gives us the peace of mind knowing that both the infrastructure and facility management, which are outside of most IT Directors’ control anyway, are in very capable hands.”

Jim Hartsook, Director of IT
Bartholomew County Indiana

Blue & Co. LLC “The fact that our services and technical infrastructure are very secure, available, and no longer prone to any type of redundancy issues, has really put our minds at ease.”

Rick Patrick, IT Manager
Blue & Co., LLC


 Sensory Technologies “After evaluating several vendors for our colocation needs, we found Data Cave provided the best combination of network accessibility and management, colocation infrastructure, and redundancy. The colocation package that we chose also provides exceptional scalability to allow for our business growth.”

Chris Frederick, Director of Managed Services
Sensory Technologies 

 Salin Bank and Trust “The people at Data Cave realize that every organization has a unique business model, and they have been very accommodating to our specific needs. With Data Cave, we feel that we are establishing a true partnership, not just a client/vendor relationship, and that is a big deal to us.”

Jeff Binkley, Director of IT
Salin Bank and Trust 

Customer Service:

 LHP Software “We are excited to be working with Data Cave for our data center colocation. The service has been excellent, and the staff have been very open and responsive to our needs. We are looking forward to this long-term relationship.”

Greg Blanton, Systems Engineer
LHP Software 

 Traylor Bros. “In addition to their technical knowledge, they have been the most open and honest data center I have worked with, and they haven’t hesitated to provide after hours support to us anytime we may need it. They really do go above and beyond what I would have expected from a data center provider.”

Chad Lamb, Network Administator
Traylor Bros. 

 Vector Psychometric Group “Data Cave provides a cost effective and highly scalable environment to handle our rapidly growing infrastructure. The people at Data Cave have been excellent to work with from consulting to early AM support.”

Chris Chapman, System Market Tech
Vector Psychometric Group 

 Technology Service Corporation “The staff at Data Cave are great to work with, and they have been both personable and responsive to our needs. I would certainly recommend them for any company in the area who may be looking into colocation services.”

Reed Adams, Director of Information Technology
Technology Service Corporation 

 Cornerstone Information Systems “There were several factors to measure when deciding the location of our data center. We considered the facility, security, and redundancy above all else. Dave Cave easily met these requirements. However, I feel what really separates Data Cave from the competition is the staff. The employees are an absolute delight. They have far exceeded our expectations.”

Kyle Cummings, Systems Architect
Cornerstone Information Systems