Downtime Calculator

You know that when your business experiences downtime, your services, employees, and operations will be impacted, but have you ever been able to place a dollar figure on what that impact would be? The Cost of Downtime

Let our Downtime Calculator give you an answer! This tool takes several different factors into account, such as your business’ number of employees, sales volume, and how any amount of downtime you encounter could impact your bottom line. If you have ever experienced downtime in the past, this calculator can provide you with a financial estimate for the business impact it may have had.

We encourage you to use this tool to get a good grasp on  just how damaging downtime can be to your business, and to better educate yourself on the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place.

Now that you can see the impact that any amount of downtime can have on your business, Contact us to begin your disaster recovery conversation!