Business Continuity

Being able to continue operations after a major disaster is important to any business. A business continuity plan can be the piece of the puzzle that keeps your critical business functions available even if your offices or equipment are not accessible. Business continuity planning usually arises when you are developing your disaster recovery plan, and should include things like a business redemption plan, business recovery plan and a contingency plan. When you are constructing your plans, you want to consider identifying a secondary worksite that can be set up for your employees or a team of your staff to continue working.

Expansive cubicle space

Having a place for your key personnel to work can be the difference between shutting down your business after the interruption and continuing to conduct business as usual. Proper planning also helps build customer confidence in your operations, and it can even give you a competitive advantage. For organizations that are regulated by compliance, business continuity can help you maintain legal and other such requirements. The most significant benefit is, of course, continued operations. Expansive cubicle space

At Data Cave, we maintain a 240 seat onsite workspace dedicated to our business continuity customers who need assurance of continued operations during a disaster. For larger customers, we have a larger offsite location available with direct connectivity to any equipment stored at Data Cave. And we guarantee to our customers that at a moment’s notice, the center is ready to go. Private conference room

About the Center

  • 240 seats available, with space for expansion
  • Space is available 24/7/365 (with 24 hours notice to Data Cave)
  • Cross connect to any equipment stored at Data Cave
  • Includes a private conference room
  • Chair lift is built in for easy access
  • Located within a hardened and secure facility

Don’t find yourself unprepared for a disaster. Power or connectivity losses don’t have to mean a disruption of your business. Business Continuity solutions can be arranged for any type of business that needs a continuation of operations to serve customers even during disasters. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you stand in the midst of disaster.

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