Racks in a Data Suite

Colocate at Data Cave. A scalable, solid solution.

Housing IT infrastructure can be challenging for some businesses. Whether your organization is large or small, your data is important to your success. Colocation services are an affordable and reliable alternative to storing your servers in-house. At Data Cave, we provide a secure environment to house your IT infrastructure and equipment. We simplify the task of protecting your data and valuable IT assets so you can rest easy.

Benefits to Your Business

Colocation minimizes complexity and maximizes reliability and uptime, eliminating the cost of building your own data center. Our experienced team will focus on maintaining data center infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business’ critical functions. As a trusted colocation provider, we offer the following:

  • Constant connectivity through multiple carriers and diverse pathways
  • Scalable solutions and room for expansion
  • Additional external IT support
  • Diversification of your technology assets
  • Increased network speed and guaranteed 99.995% uptime
  • Reduced setup and monthly costs

Our solutions are flexible and scalable. Whether your organization needs half a rack or a 1,300 square foot private suite, Data Cave has the capacity to meet your individual needs. Additionally, with our metered power system, you only pay for the power you use.

Data Cave Facility Features

Our facility was purpose builtas a fully redundant data center, with dedicated systems capable of 100% uptime and a facility that provides hardened protection from the elements. The proof is in the roof—with a 4.5 million pound roof constructed of 8 inches of solid, poured concrete, our facility can withstand winds over 200 mph and EF5 tornados. Additionally, our building-in-building design adds double wall protection between Mother Nature and your equipment with 12 inch external concrete block walls and 8 inch internal concrete block walls, all fortified with rebar.

Beyond the building’s physical prowess, we maintain maximum security for your data with a fenced perimeter, a single security access gate and security access entry doors featuring key card access and biometric hand scanner. The facilities are monitored by a 24 hour Network Operations Center (NOC) and 24/7 video surveillance. These security features coupled with our facility’s dexterity provide complete data protection.

Data Cave Server Colocation Services

At Data Cave, we pair our facility’s strength and environmental control with equally impressive service. Our team can manage your servers and other technology needs with additional support as necessary. Our team is on-call 24/7, and we maintain on-site technicians to manage any unforeseen crises. Some of our data center services include:

  • Remote hands services
  • Tape handling
  • Remote reboots
  • Router services
  • Firewall services
  • Switch services
  • Disaster Recovery

We customize our services to meet your specifications. Our business level Service Level Agreement (SLA) delivers peace of mind for your business.

When you combine a purpose built facility, maximum security, a redundantly controlled environment and the ability to grow with our industry leading team and customer service, you can be certain that your data and equipment is secure. Our facility and services provide the security, reliability and flexibility you need, all with unparalleled uptime to your equipment.

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