Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning: Your Insurance when Disaster Strikes

Disaster is uncontrollable and often unpredictable – fire, floods, tornados and even power outages are just a few ways your business can be disrupted. Both natural disasters and disasters related to human error can be detrimental to running your business, and disaster recovery (DR) can be a hassle when you are forced to define solutions in the midst of calamity.

Having a disaster recovery plan can relieve some of the stress associated with recuperating from unexpected events. Think of it as insurance for getting your systems up and running again and maintaining the security of your data and important information.

Creating a Plan for Recovery

There are certain questions you should have at the top of your mind when you are preparing for disaster.

  • What data is most important to your business operations?
  • How long can your business operate without the availability of critical data?
  • What type of disaster is likely to occur in your area and how can you prepare?
  • What offsite backup accommodations have been made for your systems?
  • What is the cost comparison between recovering from disaster and investing in a recovery plan?

Outlining answers to these questions are the first steps to preparing for the worst. Our whitepaper 10 Tips for Disaster Recovery uncovers additional advice for building a plan for disaster.

Data Cave Disaster Recovery Services

DR can sometimes mean different things to different people. At Data Cave, it means having a secondary, backup site in the event your in-house or colocated site goes down. The rule of thumb for choosing a DR location is to have at least 50 miles between your primary site and your backup site, so our services are ideally situated for organizations located in Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. However, we serve customers with a number of different sites from all over the United States.

If you design your plan, Data Cave will provide a rock solid location with a variety of options and strategies to include:

  • Hot site backup:  We ensure that if your critical system has a failure, the backup system is ready to go in real time, so your users never see a blip.
  • Cold site backup: We maintain spare, critical systems on hand so that when disaster strikes you still have your data when you need it most.
  • Office space and support: We design a recovery strategy ahead of time with whatever services and equipment you need in the event of a disaster. If staff is unable to work from your facility, your company can utilize Data Cave’s Business Continuity seats with preselected phone and internet capabilities that links directly to your equipment stored at Data Cave.

What Planning Ahead Means for Your Business

  • Reduced risk for human disaster
  • Guaranteed availability of backup systems
  • Connectivity during outage
  • Minimized business downtime
  • Positive customer experiences, even during disaster

Contact us today to schedule a personalized tour of our facility and find out how Data Cave can protect your critical business data from disaster.

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