Offsite Backup

Your business relies on electronic data. Imagine losing all of your data simply from a computer or server hard drive failure. What is your backup plan? Can your business survive? Having an offsite backup solution is a proactive way to secure the most important information to your business and to maintain business continuity.

At Data Cave our comprehensive offsite backup services are designed to run in the background on your computer or server and provide real time data replication to a secure server within our data center. So whether disaster strikes or you suffer an equipment failure, we can restore your data anytime, anywhere. And there is no need to buy any additional hardware. We provide everything you need for offsite data storage.

  • Customizable backup solutions. Whether you want your data updated and backed up every minute or once a week, you can decide what’s important to you.
  • Extremely affordable price points. You can select which folders and files to store. After you’ve selected the files, they are compressed and you pay for the compressed portion on a per GB basis, making Data Cave’s offsite backup an affordable solution especially for small businesses.
  • Quick recovery of your data. Depending on the speed of your connection, you can restore files directly through the Internet or have our team load it on a drive for you.
  • Fast and easy setup. Within five minutes you can have the software up and running on your machine.
  • No charge to recover data. Many solutions charge a hefty fee to retrieve your data. At Data Cave, the moment your system fails, you can focus on getting your data back up and running instead of worrying about the cost of recovery.

Having a backup site should be hassle free and reliable, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your data is being backed up in a secure location. Whether you are choosing offsite backup as a means of disaster recovery or another layer of redundancy, Data Cave can offer an option that gives you the peace of mind you need. We like to think in terms of how your business benefits so here are a few advantages of choosing Data Cave for your offsite backup solution.

  • No need to purchase additional hardware
  • Protection for executive and mobile workforce laptops 24/7
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Disaster recovery protection
  • Customizable options to meet your needs
  • Single or double encryption
  • Only pay for what is stored after compression
  • Technical support from Data Cave staff or one of our trusted partners

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