Kara Manon The Data Cave Advantage, Part 1

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Here are just a few of the things that we think make Data Cave stand out in the crowd.

Purpose-built: If you’ve seen our facility, then you know, it was meant to be a data center. Many people who see the building say it looks like a prison, and they aren’t wrong. The building is nondescript and menacing, as it should be. We want to keep the general public out of the facility for the security of our customers. No one should be around the building that isn’t employed by or working with Data Cave. Our customers feel safe when they visit and know their equipment is safe. Not only that, but because we custom-built the facility, we purposely installed 12-inch thick block around the perimeter of the data center. The rebar that continues through the middle of each block is nearly an inch thick and the blocks are filled with concrete. The rebar continues down into the ground and up into the roof. Too many data centers out there were retrofitted into existing buildings and don’t provide the safety and privacy that we believe a data center should have in order to give customers maximum protection.

Privately Owned & Operated: This speaks for itself. We own the land and the building. There are no liens on the property and we don’t have anyone to answer to, including a board of directors. A lot of data centers lease space which could potentially cause future problems when lease terms end. We also have continuity here. The same people who built Data Cave are still around today. Our facility manager has been working at Data Cave since the beginning and helped actually build Data Cave.

The Roof: We’ve blogged about this before but it’s pretty impressive so we’ll say it again: Our roof weighs approximately 4.5 MILLION pounds. This is fairly jaw dropping. As you can see from the above photo, no equipment sits on the roof and we have no roof access. We built Data Cave this way to mitigate any potential leaks that could occur. The rebar mentioned earlier actually helps hold the roof down in the event of high winds or tornadoes. You can read more here.

Data Suites: Instead of the traditional data center with one big room where customers have to cage their equipment, Data Cave is split into individual 1,300-square-feet data suites. We chose that size to minimize hotspots and provide a higher level of privacy and security for customers. This layout allows one client to lease a suite which only they have access to, at any time. One of our data suite customers must comply with HIPAA and HITECH acts, which means everyone going in and out of the suite is monitored. We send the customer a report at the end of each month listing who has been in the area. That’s just one of the suites that our staff stays out of unless absolutely necessary. This setup really benefits companies needing to comply with certain regulations.

Come see for yourself the advantages of choosing Data Cave. Call us at 866.514.2283.

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