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At Data Cave we, like many other data centers, promise a maximum level of uptime for our colocation clients, and we deliver on this promise through our high level of redundant features throughout our facility. But when it comes to formally establishing that promise to our clients on paper, that is where our service level agreement (SLA) comes in. An SLA is the key component of a data center contract that serves 3 main purposes:Data Center SLA

  1. Establishes the specific levels of availability that are guaranteed by the data center.
  2. Sets the communication protocol for any issues or uptime-impacting events that may arise.
  3. Lays out the policies and procedures revolving around planned maintenance events by the data center (timing of such events, the communication procedures, etc.)

These agreements typically contain numerous components that all revolve around meeting these key objectives. The overall content of the SLA will vary somewhat between data centers (depending on their own promised uptime levels and procedures), but a well-thought through SLA will always address those objectives in a very detailed and specific manner.

Why having an SLA matters

The SLA is an integral part of any colocation contract, and one should always be discussed and agreed upon when entering into an agreement with a data center. Apart from meeting the primary objectives that I outlined above, an SLA brings a tremendous deal of value to you as well, providing these long-term benefits:

  1. It will make it abundantly clear exactly what the data center will be providing in terms of system uptime. A service level agreement takes the uptime promise beyond the initial sales pitch, putting in writing exactly what you can expect.
  2. Since it is a contract, it will hold the data center accountable to keeping its uptime and availability promises.
  3. This agreement will provide more long-term peace of mind, as it means the data center provider will be much more likely to stand by their services, and deliver on their promises on a consistent basis.

Our service level agreement for colocation clients at Data Cave covers a very wide range of areas pertaining to our uptime maintenance and communication policies, and it meets all of these primary objectives for our clients as well as us. Our aim is to truly deliver on our maximum uptime promise to our clients, and our SLA is a major way that we keep both ourselves accountable to our promise, and our clients assured.

To learn more about what goes into a data center SLA and why they are so relevant, I encourage you to reach out and contact us.


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