Ben Hatton Uptime: How Data Cave stacks up against other Data Centers

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At Data Cave we take our commitment to maintaining a maximum level of uptime for our clients very seriously, and it is something we take a lot of pride in. However, the 100% uptime that we have experienced here is definitely not the norm, as we have seen in other data centers (check out our Data Center Horror Stories post if you missed it). In fact, when you delve further into  this, it becomes quite clear that frequent occurrences of downtime really are the norm that many other data centers experience on a regular basis.

Consider the following surveys that were taken earlier this year:

1) 84% of data center pro’s would rather walk on hot coals than face downtime.

Although this may sound more humorous than anything, it is nonetheless one of the findings of a survey that was taken earlier in the year by a research company, the Ponemon Institute.  Earlier this year, they polled several hundred data center professionals around the country on a range of topics revolving around downtime. While the survey was very in depth, it revolved around 3 primary questions:

  • How often do you experience downtime?
  • What are the root causes of any downtime you experience?
  • Is your data center well prepared to either quickly react to outages, or prevent them completely?

Below are some of the key findings from the survey:

a) 91% of respondents said that their data center had experienced an unplanned outage within the last 2 years. This amounted to an average of 2 outages per data center in the last 2 years, with an average of 90 minutes of downtime per outage.

b) Of those surveyed, only 36% believe that their data center follows best practices for redundancy.

c) 71% of the respondents acknowledge that their business operations are almost completely dependent on having an operable and available data center at all times.

d) The most frequent causes of downtime in a data center were UPS battery failures, as well as human error.

A final stat from this survey which I think definitely sums up all of these issues decisively, is that roughly 50% of the respondents believe that all or most of the outages could have been prevented. 

(To see the full survey in its entirety, click here)

Here is another recent survey that covers much of the same ground, and helps to back up that notion:

2) Many data centers lack the infrastructure needed to ensure uptime, both in terms of equipment and company policies.

In a separate study conducted by Brocade (a network provider), nearly 2,000 IT decision makers were surveyed throughout North America and Europe. This survey focused on the makeup of their IT infrastructure, and how that related to the amount of downtime they typically see. Here are a few key findings from that survey:

a) 91% of those surveyed stated that their infrastructure needs significant upgrades in order to reduce the level of downtime and unplanned outages that they typically see.

b) 1/3 of the people surveyed reported that they typically experience multiple network failures per week.

(You can see this survey in its entirety as well, at this link)

The Key Takeaways

The findings from each of these surveys speak loudly to 2 very clear truths:

  1. Downtime caused by unplanned outages is a very regular occurrence for many of today’s data centers. It has unfortunately become the norm.
  2. Many data centers face a difficult challenge of making significant infrastructure improvements, in order to keep up with changes in technology, as well as to reduce the risk of downtime.

While it is true that the data center industry as a whole has a long way to go, at Data Cave we are proud to be ahead of the curve when it comes to maximizing uptime and connectivity. The entire time we have been in operation, we have experienced zero downtime. This is because we have taken the time to plan and build out our facility and infrastructure with a level of 100% uptime in mind. When uptime is so important for your business to function, who would you rather trust? We hope these stats will help make it an easy decision for you!

Here are some additional resources where you can learn more about what sets Data Cave apart from other data centers:

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We welcome any questions you may have as well! Contact us today to start your data center conversation.

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