Kara Manon Whitepaper: Understanding HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

April 26, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Many healthcare entities and their business associates are entering a brave new world of HIPAA and HITECH regulations for using and storing protected health data. In addition to making sure protected patient information is secure, behind firewalls, encrypted and easily accessible when healthcare organizations and their associates need it, additional monitoring and random audit reporting to meet HIPAA regulations also are kicking in during 2012.

The stakes are high for complying with federal regulations. Any sort of breach in releasing health information can cost a company dearly in lost good will with customers, severe backlash from the public and monetary fines, up to $1.5 million in some instances.

HIPAA security compliance is often more complicated than expected. That’s why we at Data Cave have developed a new whitepaper to help you understand both HIPAA and HITECH Acts, the safeguards needed to protect health data, and why you should consider using a HIPAA compliant data center, like Data Cave, to meet these regulations.

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