Ben Hatton Winter Disaster Recovery: Are you ready?

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Buffalo snow storm

One look at the epic snowfall that the Buffalo area recently received. Image courtesy of Flickr.

A few weeks ago the New York area was absolutely slammed with a record-breaking level of snow (6 feet of it in many places). While we have been a lot more fortunate in Indiana, we and the majority of the rest of the country have seen record low temperatures for this time of the year. The calendar may say it’s still autumn, but for all intents and purposes, it’s winter now.

If there is a bright side to this, it’s that this is a good reminder that with winter weather comes some unique challenges to your business. These will typically include things like:

  • Employees not being able to make it into work, due to the snow and ice.
  • Power outages (luckily few were reported in New York).

While these are certainly challenges, they are challenges that can be met with the right disaster recovery plan. With a plan that includes server colocation at a data center like Data Cave, the effects of winter weather on your operations can be mitigated. Here’s why:

Highly defended from power outages

As we’ve written about before, Data Cave has a high level of redundancy when it comes to our electrical infrastructure. With multiple utility feeds entering the building, as well as UPS flywheels and two 2MW Cummins backup generators per quadrant, we are very well protected from power outages year round. For more specifics, check out our Electrical Infrastructure page.

This means that even if the lights go out at your office, your applications and data will still be accessible.

Icy and snowy roads aren’t as big of a deal

I’m not recommending that any of you attempt to drive through 6′ snow drifts (unless you happen to drive one of these), but if you or your employees can’t make it into work, it’s likely possible that at least some of your staff can work from home instead. This becomes especially easier to do if your data is maintained at a location that is safe from power outages, where it can still be remotely accessed during a winter storm.

Start planning!

If last year’s extended winter was any indication of things to come this time around, then last month’s winter storm has virtually guaranteed it. This means that right now is the perfect time to think about your company’s disaster recovery plan, and how you would be able to respond after a winter storm. Contact us to start the conversation today!


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