Kara Manon World IPv6 Launch

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The World IPv6 Launch is upon us with companies like Google, Facebook, Cisco and Comcast now enabling IPv6, permanently. We obviously know why it’s important – the lack of available IPv4 addresses – but the move to IPv6 has been slow as many ISP and web companies have put it off in fear of the problems it may cause. Today signifies an important swing in the direction of IPv6. We look forward to seeing what happens with the transition in the coming months.

Comparison of IPv6 and IPv4 Address Scheme

Chart Courtesy of Gigaom and the FCC.


Also, Google has a pretty comprehensive and quick overview of what IPv6 is going to do, as well as a FAQ that will help answer some good questions. What questions do you have about IPv6? Let us know in the comments!

Google IPv6

Courtesy of Google

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